Friday, January 28, 2011

Lynn Latimer - Glass Artist

“I’m very interested in line quality and detail, how the glass moves, and how to draw with these elements in the design process,” says Lynn Latimer. Several of the glass colors “strike” when heated, yielding a delicate fine brown contrasting line where pieces touch. “It lends another subtle bit of definition that I really like and work with in most pieces.” When this level of detail is achieved there is an intimacy, an invitation to study the glass up close, to follow where edges strike, bend, press into one another and shift colors. “If I’ve done my job right the glass draws you in and offers a deeply satisfying visceral experience: it’s enlivening.”

From a long process of spontaneous and experimental fusing tests, delicious “aha” moments are extracted, studied, expanded upon, and put to work, yielding a diverse, richly colored and patterned series of contemporary freestanding glass panels.

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