Thursday, February 18, 2010

AK47 Space - Industrial Design

Italy based AK47 Space brings new meaning to the term "It's gettin' hot in here" with their distinctive firewood holders. Each design brings a sex-appeal and style to the usual humdrum bucket. Spanning vertical space or disguised as the modern house's furniture, the holders bring the outside inside and remind one of the visual treat that only nature can deliver.

Monday, February 8, 2010

LA Omni Hotel - Noe Restaurant, Interior

I've just finished up my installation on this project, adding a Decorative Glass element to the interior of Noe Restaurant at the Los Angeles Omni Hotel. There are two Fused Glass panels suspended by ceiling-mounted brackets within two empty alcoves. Alongside the walls of the alcoves are shelf brackets that hold onto glass shelves containing the chef's herb garden pots.

The panels, 26" x 48" and 16" x 48", were created at the studio of my friend Cristy Lyon's Pomegranate Glass. Her kiln interior, measuring 30" x 60" was perfect for these two panels. Burning for more that 24 hours per panel, these windows took almost twice the time I'm used to for my smaller pieces.

The color scheme was determined by one factor, it was to match the glass wall that sits just outside the restaurant on the patio. A simple reversal of the two colors gave this installation its own feel while maintaining a continuity with the rest of the restaurant. A previous blog posting of the outdoor wall of glass can be seen on November 11th, 2009

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Sissi Westerberg - Designer

Silver and Plastic Brooch, 2002
Silver Candlestick

Originally a Jewelry designer by education, Sissi Westerberg's interest in body-adornment has gradually shifted to an interest in the body itself. Most of her projects revolve around the idea of intimacy and belongingness, trying to create a sense of connection between our selves and the surrounding world, often using body-like shapes and materials in connection to well known everyday objects. Westerberg also has a great interest in developing alternative and more organic design-strategies, involving other people in the creative process. This among other things has resulted in a “Do It Yourself-kit” for the design store Svenskt Tenn in Stockholm and a number of collaborative projects with the art/craft/design-collective S U B.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Leo, Leo Beautiful

While learning about my new camera, I snapped these photos of my son, Leo.

My camera, a Nikon D90, seems to have all kinds of magic inside that little black machine.

I hope these shots are an indication of other simple, yet thought-provoking photographs to come. My eye, geared towards all things well-designed, is anxious to start looking at more things with "depth of field", contrast and composition all in mind.