Sunday, December 27, 2009

Arline Fisch - Wire Sculptor

After looking at Arline Fisch's sculptures, you won't know if what you're looking at is coral-inspired, sea anenome-inspired or jellyfish-inspired. It's probably all three. With a last name like Fisch, it's not surprising that Arline's pieces take their cue from the sea.

Jewelry, wall art and sculpture are all in the range of this artist who solely uses colored wire to create her vibrantly hued art. She clearly brings new meaning to the term "underwater basket weaver".

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Long Platter

Fused & Slumped, this platter, about 2' long, pleasantly surprised me. I especially like the edges, which are not perfectly flat, but have a bit of a true craft feel to them. The edges give the platter genuine character. I've found that the edges of my pieces are oftentimes my favorite parts of the pieces. They're always unplanned and exciting to see for the first time upon opening my kiln door.

This platter continues my main design esthetic; simple, modern, abstract and ultimately "contemporary".

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Jen Stark - Paper Artist

Jen Stark has an amazing eye for color. Her artwork, comprised of reams of colored paper, has a 3-dimensionality to it that makes the viewer want to touch the designs. She takes the paper and meticulously cuts the sheets until they resemble "rainbow explosions" that reach off the wall or pedestal they're displayed upon.

It was a trip to France without her usual art supplies that originally inspired Jen to improvise with her creative juices flowing. She purchased a pad of colored paper and began experimenting. She never looked back. Her work has been seen internationally and there's a palpable sensation that she is on the cusp of something gigantic.

Her website, is chock full of inspiration.