Monday, June 7, 2010

* Sneak Preview *

These three pieces, originally thought of in terms of hanging on a wall, came alive once I set them in stands meant for pedestals. It just goes to show how often the glass surprises me even after I have an idea what it's all about.

A touch of "dichroic glass" gives these otherwise subtle pieces real kick. Light hits the dichro and simply dances within the glass. It kinda has to be seen to be believed.

These pieces (plus 97 more) will be a part of my solo exhibition, GLASS: Contemporary Fusion. For more details, please read the previous post.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

100 Pieces of Glass - Oh my!

I'm prepping my first Solo Exhibition that will take place during the month of July. It's at the Burbank Creative Arts Center with an opening reception on July 9th from 7-9pm. This is an image of my promotional mailer that's just back from the printer.

I'm providing 100 pieces of Glass Art. 65 wall-hanging pieces and 35 free-standing pieces. Mostly fused pieces, but a few throwback stained glass windows and mosaics. If you're at all interested in attending the reception, let me know.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Tastes of my latest pieces

This is a sampling of some of the works I've been producing lately. I've been extremely busy prepping for a solo exhibition of my Glass Art. I've been asked to present 100 pieces of Glass. From July 9th until the 29th, my artwork glass will represent Burbank Creative Arts Center's first delving into the Glass World. Needless to say, I'm thrilled.

My stock had about 60 pieces and after culling through them, I've set a few aside as "Retired." I've been making tons of new pieces, ones I'm pretty thrilled with. With that being said, with a few months to go, I've got about 70 I'm happy with. 30 to go!

Deciding how to hang each piece has been a challenge to say the least. Glass, in its very essence, is heavy, fragile, delicate. Deciding how each piece is going to hang individually from the one next to it is almost as big a challenge as physically producing the pieces.

The next few months are going to be amazing!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Gray Hotel - Milan's latest modern Inn

Stairway to Heavenly Design

The Gray Hotel, in the shadows of Milan's Duomo, is a forward-looking space in a city steeped in history. Interior Designer Guido Ciompi's mantra, "culture revolves around modernity", welcomes one to an oasis of contemporary design amongst the buildings and monuments of one of Italy's most stylish and aesthetic-conscious cities.

The hotel, rich in color bursts here and there, is on the forefront of a newer type of boutique hotel that seem to be popping up everywhere. While the stately establishments around the world are able to charge an arm and a leg due to their reputations, the smaller hotels, like the Gray Hotel, are able to afford the visually-aware traveller with an experience that is artistic, comfortable and a bit easier on the wallet.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Susan Clusener - Ceramic Artist

"My hands are convenient and frequent objects of interest. My fingers alone have so much going on below the surface: blood pumping, nerves sensing, muscles contracting. All of this movement, activity – life – happening unconsciously and for decades. Sometimes this unconscious becomes conscious. I become aware of all the goings-on under my skin, aware of my livingness. It is both exciting and frightening, this awareness of my vitality and its intrinsic finiteness." I like that. Seems like those words could have been spoken by sculptors, musicians, surgeons or just about anyone else that uses their own hands as another tool towards the desired end-result.

For Susan, It's not all about fruit. Her pear pieces, however, hold a certain appeal to me. Her "Stone" series, also thought-provoking and unique are certain to sooth eyes as well.

For more works by California-based Susan, visit her website;

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Neil Dawson - Creator of "Double-takes"

"Horizon", the steel sculpture from New Zealand's Neil Dawson, looks as if it's either an optical illusion, hallucination or comic book page come to life. Sitting on sculpture connoisseur Alan Gibbs' property, this imposing piece of art is nearly 50 feet tall and over 115 feet long!

Imagining what it took to fabricate and install this provocative installation boggles the mind.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Winter - 2010

This is my very latest. This snowy landscape is the first in a series of "The Seasons".

The tree image was adhered to the glass via a decal transfer. A ceramic decal, one that could withstand the enormous temperatures of the kiln, was originally burned onto a single, clear piece of glass. The glass was placed atop a stack of white & sky blue glass that created the horizon line. White frit (crushed glass) was set on top of the tree decal, as if the branches received a blanket of snow.

I was originally going to go all artsy-fartsy on it, thinking in terms of red frit flying all over the place. Didn't look right. I removed all the frit. My wife looks at it and says, "Use white." Classic.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

AK47 Space - Industrial Design

Italy based AK47 Space brings new meaning to the term "It's gettin' hot in here" with their distinctive firewood holders. Each design brings a sex-appeal and style to the usual humdrum bucket. Spanning vertical space or disguised as the modern house's furniture, the holders bring the outside inside and remind one of the visual treat that only nature can deliver.

Monday, February 8, 2010

LA Omni Hotel - Noe Restaurant, Interior

I've just finished up my installation on this project, adding a Decorative Glass element to the interior of Noe Restaurant at the Los Angeles Omni Hotel. There are two Fused Glass panels suspended by ceiling-mounted brackets within two empty alcoves. Alongside the walls of the alcoves are shelf brackets that hold onto glass shelves containing the chef's herb garden pots.

The panels, 26" x 48" and 16" x 48", were created at the studio of my friend Cristy Lyon's Pomegranate Glass. Her kiln interior, measuring 30" x 60" was perfect for these two panels. Burning for more that 24 hours per panel, these windows took almost twice the time I'm used to for my smaller pieces.

The color scheme was determined by one factor, it was to match the glass wall that sits just outside the restaurant on the patio. A simple reversal of the two colors gave this installation its own feel while maintaining a continuity with the rest of the restaurant. A previous blog posting of the outdoor wall of glass can be seen on November 11th, 2009

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Sissi Westerberg - Designer

Silver and Plastic Brooch, 2002
Silver Candlestick

Originally a Jewelry designer by education, Sissi Westerberg's interest in body-adornment has gradually shifted to an interest in the body itself. Most of her projects revolve around the idea of intimacy and belongingness, trying to create a sense of connection between our selves and the surrounding world, often using body-like shapes and materials in connection to well known everyday objects. Westerberg also has a great interest in developing alternative and more organic design-strategies, involving other people in the creative process. This among other things has resulted in a “Do It Yourself-kit” for the design store Svenskt Tenn in Stockholm and a number of collaborative projects with the art/craft/design-collective S U B.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Leo, Leo Beautiful

While learning about my new camera, I snapped these photos of my son, Leo.

My camera, a Nikon D90, seems to have all kinds of magic inside that little black machine.

I hope these shots are an indication of other simple, yet thought-provoking photographs to come. My eye, geared towards all things well-designed, is anxious to start looking at more things with "depth of field", contrast and composition all in mind.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

My take on Coral

I learned a "technique" during my ongoing glass making education that makes my glass pieces look like coral. I like coral. I like that it is a completely organically shaped part of our earth. I like that each piece is predominantly one color, yet coral from around the world comes in countless colors. I like that it's mysterious, unique and interesting. ...and beautiful.

This piece uses a few different materials. There's the regular clear glass that acts as the structured backbone. Then, there's white crushed glass, frit, covering the clear glass. Clear frit was poured on the whole piece afterwards. Finally, a red powered glass is the final step that gives the piece the impression of the coral.

Still curious about the "technique" that gives this piece that coral look? Sorry. Like a magician, I can't reveal my secrets.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Javier Senosiaian - Organic Habitat Architect

Mix equal parts Wonka's Chocolate Factory, "Lord of the Rings" shires, Gaudi's visions, Dali's flair for the fantastical and you get close to Mexico's Javier Senosiaian's Nautilus House. The Nautilus House is a ferro-concrete construction coated with polyurethane and UV-resistant elastomeric waterproofing. Inside it comprises a complex labyrinth of rooms and interconnecting tunnels.

Virtually no right angles are in this house - such an uncommon feat that it makes your head spin. The wonder doesn't stop at this house, however. Senosiaian's entire portfolio is comprised of uber-colorful structures, organically shaped homes, voluptuously curved exterior landscapes and interiors that create the womb-like sensation of being safe & comfortable.

Please take a long visit to the website, for more inspiration.